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I am proud to announce the release of my Ultimate Softball Journal series, This series is made up of 4 softball-themed journals, My Ultimate Softball Journal(aimed towards players), My Ultimate Mom's Journal, My Ultimate Dad's Journal and My Ultimate Coach's Journal.

The Inspiration

Having a daughter who lives and breathes softball, it dawned on me how much of her life she spends on the field. More importantly, I realized how many memories and friendships she has made at the ballpark, both on the field and off. It was then that I realized, these are memories that she would want to document. But she is not the "Dear, Diary" type, and in a flash...the journey began.

Try looking up "Softball Journal" in a search engine and what you will find are essentially notebooks with pictures of softballs on them. That's where these books are different! 

The Journals

My Ultimate Softball Journal

My Ultimate Softball Journal allows you to track where your hits were as well as important game stats like, the team you played, final score, whether you won or lost and most importantly, a place for you to list your best memory from that game. Maybe it was a great play you made, the home-run you hit or perhaps the unexpected encouragement you received from a teammate.

In addition to this information, throughout the journal you''ll find Coaches Quotes and Fan Feedback. These are little comments and outbursts that I'm sure you've heard said at one point or another at the ballfield. Things like "two-out rally", "keep your eye on the ball" and the always useful..."HEADS UP!!!"

I hope you enjoy My Ultimate Softball Journal now, as well as years from now when you're looking back on the memories you listed. Now go out and make some memories!!

My Ultimate Mom's Journal
Being a softball parent can be a full time job. Between cleaning uniforms, getting players to practice(including other players at times, too) and the not so occasional early morning run to get more ice for the cooler, it's amazing we can keep it all straight.

My goal is to make things a bit easier for you. This "Mom's Softball Journal" not only has similar journal elements of the My Ultimate Softball Journal, I've added in some specially tailored elements just for the "moms". For starters, at the beginning of the journal is a place where you can list your entire softball schedule. In addition, there is a reminder page for each game/tournament, where you can log everything from gate fees to local hotels and restaurants. These notes can come as handy reminders for the next time you're scheduled to play in that complex. Jot down the journal page # into the appropriate section of the "Overall schedule page" to use as a quick reference for your next trip.

At the back of the journal I've also included a blank travel checklist that can be used to ensure nothing gets forgotten for those overnight tournaments. I've even included an area to write yourself notes specifically for next season.

The hopes is that you can spend less time worrying and more time making memories, enjoying the game!

My Ultimate Dad's Journal

Being a softball dad is a unique position. You're part parent and part sideline coach. With that in mind, I have a created a journal just for you.

Similar to the My Ultimate Softball Journal, you can track the players hits. In addition, there's a spot to track the score(inning by inning), key plays your daughter made, as well as any possible errors. Obviously, I couldn't account for everything, so I have also included a general "Game Notes" section for you to jot down additional info.

As an added bonus, at the back of the journal I've included a "10 Things to Know about Playing in College" paper.

My Ultimate Coach's Journal 

I wanted to design this journal/notebook to serve as a handy, all-around coach’s aid. I know that games themselves are too intense to spend time tracking things in a book. That’s why this journal is designed for before and after games.

In this journal, I’ve set up pages that you can use to keep track of your individual players, their strengths and areas of opportunity. There’s even a spot for listing their end of season stats.

In addition, I’ve included a note section which can be used for anything from noting key moments during a game to ideas for practice drills, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, I’ve created an area in the back that can be utilized to help scout out opposing teams, including a check box to denote players you may want to try and recruit next season.

I hope this helps bring some order to the chaotic life of coaching youth sports!

 Final Thoughts

I had a lot of fun talking to players, parents and coaches in preparation for putting these journals together. My goal was to create a unique series of journals unlike any other on the market that will help you both track some stats as well as help players, parents and coaches record the memories made during games. At the end of the season, you may remember your overall record, but it is the memories acquired AT the games that you'll want to remember for life.

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