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AMS Ads Profit Formula Course Review

Have you been wanting to try your hand at Amazon Marketing Services or AMS ads but not know where to start? Well before you spend a penny on AMS ads you’ll want to hear what I have to say about the pros and cons of The AMS Ads Profit Formula Course in this 100% honest review. So, stick around:

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Have you already tried running ads on your books, tell me about in the comments below.

As you may know I am no stranger to Amazon Marketing Services and running AMS ads. In fact, I did a 3 part series on how to set-up AMS ads. So when Marco Moutinho approached me about trying out his new course, The AMS Ads Profit Formula, I was more than skeptical. I even made it clear to him that I had quite a bit of experience with AMS ads and that if he really wanted me to try out his course I would, but that I would not hold back on my results. Marco was confident in his AMS course and told me that he wanted my honest feedback.

I kept my word and put his AMS ads course to the ultimate test. I ran AMS ads on my books in 4 different genres; Children’s books, YA Fiction, non-fiction and even a no content book and I used ONLY the techniques he included in his course.
I’ll share my AMS ads results with you in a second, but first, the pros and cons to The AMS Ads Profit Formula.

The Pros include:
1.      Concise, Well-Organized videos
Tell me what I need to know and move on and that’s exactly what Marco did in his videos. No fluff. He also organized them in a logical, sequential and well-labeled fashion so the viewer can jump to whichever video they’re interested in. Which makes it ideal for newbies and ams pros.
          2.  No Robot Here
I was pleasantly surprised to find Marco’s videos were not the typical button up tutorial’s with an instructor reading from a script. Instead, he took a more friendly, conversational approach.
          3. Downloadables
Marco includes downloadable easy to use spreadsheets that you can use to track your daily results. Most courses would charge extra for something like this. Nope, in this AMS course, it’s free.

      4.  Unique Content
The AMS Ads Profit Formula Course has content I have not found anywhere else, not even in my own how to set up ams ads video series.
Marco shows you strategies on when and how to bid low.
But he also introduces the strategy of bidding high. Including when and why this strategy may be best for you.

And if that’s not enough, Marco show you how to set up AMS ads on AMS UK. This is a game changer! I have not seen this particular element in any other ams course. He not only tells you the differences between ams US and ams UK but shows you how to run a successful ams ad on AMS UK.

The Cons of the AMS Ads Profit Formula Course, include:

      1.  Semi-abrupt endings to videos
Due to Marco’s conversational delivery approach to the videos, there’s no cut and dry “this is the end of this video” blurb. He finishes the lesson, and that’s it. Time to move on to the next video.
      2. He doesn’t Pay you to take the course

Ok, so this isn’t realistic to expect but my OCD required me to put in an even number of cons.

Now for the results. For those who may not be familiar with AMS Ads, the success of your ad is determined by your aCoS %. The lower your aCoS, the more profitable the AMS ad is.

While many people who run AMS Ads shoot for an aCoS of 50% or lower, I’m a bit more picky. When I run AMS Ads for my self-published books, I’m not happy unless my aCoS is 30% or less.

So how did my ams ads do?
Remember, these results are based on me ONLY using the tactics that Marco teaches in his AMS Ads Profit Formula Course. I threw all of my normal AMS Ad techniques out the window.

As my grandmother use to say, the proof is in the pudding, so here we go. Remember, I put this to the test and ran it in 4 completely different genres. Here are my results.

Non-Fiction: 15.52%
Children’s Book: 9.06%
No Content: 8.17%
YA Fiction: 1.60%

I’m averaging 3 times my ad spend. Now, there are no guarantees and obviously your results may vary, but 3 times my ad spend…I’ll do that all day long.

Add on top of that, I’d never known anything about AMS UK and since implementing what I’ve learned in this course, I’m not only running ams ads on ams uk, but I’ve already gotten sales after just a few days.

It’s official, this once skeptic is giving 2 enthusiastic thumbs up The AMS Ads Profit Formula Course.

If you’d like to check out the course, you can go to

Until next time, I’m Keith Wheeler and remember to Write Right!

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