Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to Add Editorial Reviews on Amazon

You’ve got your book up on Amazon and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from book bloggers, readers and even other authors, But what do you do with all of that great feedback? In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to add editorial reviews to your books Amazon sales page. So stick around.

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The key to adding in editorial reviews to your books amazon sales page is to use your authorcentral page.

If you’re not already aware, every author that has their book on Amazon can sign up for a free authorcentral page. This page will act as a central hub for all of your information on Amazon. When a potential customer clicks on your author name on one of your books on Amazon, it will bring them to this page.

To show you how to set up your editorial reviews for your books on Amazon, I’m going to flip the screen around and then we’ll get started.

The first thing I’ve done is gone to and I’ve logged in. This is not going to be a full tutorial on Amazon Author Central as that would take an entire video itself. But for now, this is the main page. You can create an author page, but for today, we’re going to go to books and then I’m going to scroll down my list of books until I find my book, My Buddy Knows Letters.

I have a really good editorial review that I’m going to add. It was a message I received from a pediatrician. Basically, she loved my series so much that she bought an entire series set for each of her patient’s rooms. So, I’m going to put that in as one of my editorial reviews.

So all I’m going to do, is select the editorial review tab. As you can see I already have a few editorial reviews in here. I’m going to go down to where it says empty and then click add.

I’ve already saved the text from her email so I can just copy and paste it into the editorial review spot. I will typically bold the name of the editorial review source, so that it stands out a bit more.

Next, I click preview so I can see how it will look on my self-published books, product page. This looks good. So I will click, save changes.

That’s all it takes to add in an editorial review to your Amazon page. While I wouldn’t suggest putting in an large number of editorial reviews, you definitely want to have at least a few editorial reviews as it adds credibility to you and your book.

If for some reason you have difficulties or are unable to add an editorial review to your books Amazon product page, simply click on the help button at the top right of the page.

Then click contact us. From there you can select the following options – My Books – Update information about a book – Editorial Review – I need you to make the change for me.

That’s two simple ways on how to add editorial reviews to your books Amazon product page.

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Until next time, I’m Keith Wheeler and remember to Write Right!

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