Sunday, November 19, 2017

NaNoWriMo Day 19

What an amazingly productive day today was in regards to writing. I was able to put in a few hours today of sprints. As usual I took breaks in between my sprints which helped to make the ideas flow more freely.

Even though, I was already ahead of schedule with my word count, since Thanksgiving is this week, I knew it would affect my word count, so I wanted to try to get as ahead of schedule as I could. Also, since this is my first ever NaNo, I wanted to make sure that I attacked it as head on as I could. This past week has been pretty rough between personal things happening and the fact that now that I'm in the middle of the book, it's making it difficult to include relevant info without just filling the book with fluff crap. I've done my best to avoid this but once I get to the editing phase, after NaNo, we'll find out how successful at that I really was. I crushed my 1700 word count goal.

Day 19 count: 5,034 words
Cumulative count: 40,362 words

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