Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NaNoWriMo Day 14

Since I'm so far ahead on my word count for the month, I decided to take things a bit slower today. I still met my personal daily goal of 1700 words but didn't go much higher than that with only 1792 words written. But I'm ok with that. Since I have the luxury of slowing things down a bit, I've decided to take the time to plot the middle a little more than I had planned. I have quite a few dramatic conflicts for the main character to go through, so I wanted to eek those out a bit more before I write them.

I will be honest, I'm a bit upset at myself for taking that one day off from writing. Not that it made me fall too far behind, but now there is a NaNo badge that I cannot possibly acquire this year(without cheating). The 30-day straight writing badge. You get it for writing for 30 days straight, unfortunately, I took that one day off so therefore, I do not qualify. I COULD go into the system and add in a few words for the one day I missed but dishonesty is not my thing. Instead, I will just use that badge to drive me to go all 30 days next year.

Day 14 count: 1792 words
Cumulative count: 32,242

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