Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Your favorite book

I was recently asked to name what my favorite book was from my childhood. The truth is, I don't remember any specific book that really made a mark on my life as a child. That being said, my favorite types of books as a youth were the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Those seemed so unorthodox at the time. The fact that the reader was able to drive the direction of the story was an amazing and empowering concept!

I remember 1 week while in middle school my 2 cousins and I were all sick with the flu. Since we couldn't go to school our mothers went to the local library and checked out EVERY volume of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. We then separated the books into 3 piles, went into separate rooms and over the course of the week, read, swapped and re-read every single book. We took every possible path! We were detectives, pirates, criminals and so much more...sometimes we saved the girl other times we perished at the hands of villians!

But in the end, we made memories that I will cherish always!

Do you have a favorite memory of reading as a child? I'd love to hear about. Leave a comment below!

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